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Ashira Dermatology provides an exclusive comprehensive visit. We do not offer the submission of patient-completed reimbursement forms or fill them out. Dr. Francis is one of the nations leading providers of Hair Loss solutions, and has been quoted in scientific journals, media, publications, and numerous nationally distributed magazines. Ashira Dermatology approaches medicine from a holistic standpoint, and we are working to redefine the idea of doctors as treaters of symptoms to healers of reoccurring health issues. We invite you to schedule appointment with Dr. Francis for all your health concerns.



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  • Insurance Policy

    Ashira Dermatology provides an exclusive comprehensive visit. We offer the submission of patient-completed reimbursement forms, but do not contract with insurance companies for office visits in order to provide our service in this manner.


    NOTE: Ashira Dermatology accepts cash/credit card at booking which will be processed 24hr's prior to appointment. If we are not a participating provider with your health insurance plan or you do not have health insurance coverage, we will be happy to provide care for you as a private-pay patient. You are responsible for all charges at the time of service. Patients be advised that insurance company will reimburse you directly in accordance with their internal policies, please contact them directly for specifics.

  • Payment Policy: Updated August 8th, 2018

    Payments unable to be processed 24hr's prior to payment may result in cancellation of the appointment please be sure to communicate any changes in payment method by calling the office directly.


    Effective August 8th,2018, All Appointments will have a booking fee of 25% of total due at the time of appointment.  If remaining amount due can't be processed appointment can/will be canceled and cancellation fee assessed (25% fee taken in Booking nothing else will be charged).

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